May 12, 2017
1 Month and 12 days since
the event.

Through this event we would like to improve school spirit and bonding within and between athletic teams on campus. We would also like to focus on and celebrate the accomplishments of the athletes this year. In addition, boosters hope to reach the fundraising goal of $10,000. Long term goal is longevity for this event on a yearly basis.


Important information:

  • Each athletic team (or combination of some teams, ie golf and tennis) will have 20 participants. The number of participants will be adjusted depending on the number of events hosted

  • The cost of participation is $500 per team (at 20 teams=$10,000; roughly $25 per athlete)

  • Teams will design and implement an event for their sport (5 min duration maximum)

  • Coaches are asked to be at their event to monitor how athletes participate

  • One player from each team will participate in ONE event (20 players for 20 events, may be adjusted depending on number of events).

  • The team who scores the most points after all events are completed will earn $1000 into their team account and a trophy to be passed year to year.  Second place team will recieve $500 and third place $250.